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Where do I send the invoice?
Where do I send the invoice?

I work with an agency that just made a placement. Who do we send the invoice to?

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RecruitiFi is fully automated, and all payments to your agency are paid electronically according to our Terms of Service. As such, it is not necessary to send invoices to RecruitiFi in order to get paid for your placement.

DO NOT send an invoice to the client. Technically, RecruitiFi is the vendor and they will pay everything through the RecruitiFi platform. Sending invoices only creates unnecessary confusion that tends to annoy the client.

DO NOT send an invoice to RecruitiFi. We keep an electronic record of your payment statement accessible through your account. Since RecruitiFi is the vendor, there are different fee and tax implications, and it's likely that whatever invoice you're generating has not accounted for this.

If your company requires invoices to be created for internal record keeping, there is no need to send it to us. A live record of fees and payments is maintained and viewable through the RecruitiFi platform. This is the system of record.

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