Absolutely! Transparency is at the center of the RecruitiFi Platform and we gather ratings on all of our users to maintain a certain level of accountability.

Recruiters can rate Employers on Engagement, Feedback, and Overall Quality of the JobCast. Just as Candidates can rate Recruiters on Communication, Knowledge, and Professionalism. 

There are two opportunities to rate an Employer:

1. Rejection Feedback 

When one of your candidates is rejected by an Employer you will be prompted to 'view & rate' the feedback given. As shown below, this will be accessible from your Dashboard on the candidate's submission profile.

2. JobCast Reviews

If your Candidate confirms their submission to a JobCast, we want to hear about your experience. And not only your experience but your Candidate's as well. 

You will be prompted to provide JobCast Reviews through a few different channels, all of which are triggered when the JobCast closes:

a) Your Dashboard:  'Rate JobCast' links will appear in the top right hand corner of Archived JobCasts.

b) Notification Center: You will receive notifications with a 'Rate JobCast' link.

c) Email: You will also receive "JobCast Review" emails.

No matter your feedback, good or bad, you will be helping Employers improve their hiring process.

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