When you see a Yield icon next to a JobCast you are working on, you should be aware that this JobCast has been Yielded by the Employer. 

Employers can Yield a JobCast to alert Recruiters to slow or stop submissions to that JobCast for a specific reason. You can see the Employer's reason for Yielding a JobCast by scrolling your mouse over the Yield icon.

Some common reasons to Yield a JobCast include the Employer being close to making a hire, having a candidate in the offer stage, or simply mean that the Employer has enough submissions to review for the time being. It may also mean that the HR team has been notified of changes in the job that need further clarification with the hiring manager before continuing candidate review.  Defer to the exact reason added by the Employer for your course of action. 

Depending on the reason given by the Employer, this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't submit candidates.  If you have the absolute perfect candidate, the Employer will usually be interested in seeing them no matter what stage of interviews they have other candidates in.  But a Yielded job comes with the general expectation that there will likely be a delay in feedback on any candidates, and depending on the reason for Yielding, there is a lower likelihood of your candidate advancing in the short-term.  If you do choose to submit the candidate to a Yielded JobCast, expectations for you and your candidate should be set accordingly.

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