Agency Profile Cards are a great way to manage your relationship with each of your Legacy Agencies. You can access Agency Profile Cards by clicking on any of your Legacy Agency’s profiles on the Agencies page or through Global Search.

From the Profile Card, employers can add Legacy Agencies to JobCasts, edit agency fees, and delete an agency profile if needed. Employers can also view important information, such as agency ratings, contact information, current workload, and past performance statistics.

To edit a Legacy Agency's fee, click the "Edit Fee" button in the menu and the Edit Fee modal will open. 

On the JobCasts tab, you can click the "Invite" button next to every JobCast you want your Legacy Agency added to. "Add to Jobs" in the menu acts as a shortcut to this tab, as it opens the JobCasts tab if it is not already open.
On the Fees tab, you can find this Legacy Agency's fee and the details of hires made by this Legacy Agency under "Recent Placements." 

On the Statistics tab, you can see how your Legacy Agency has performed on your past JobCasts, and how candidates have rated them. 

On the Profiles tab, you can find what roles, industries, levels, and regions this Legacy Agency works on. 

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