With RecruitiFi you can automatically invite candidates to apply to your ATS when they are hired by following these steps:

1) Provide an ATS Submission URL on the JobCast

This link should be the URL candidates can use to apply to the role in your ATS that corresponds to the JobCast they were submitted to.

Note: You will not be able to invite the candidate to apply if you do not provide this URL

2) Select "Invite this Candidate to apply to your ATS" when logging the hire

Selecting this option will send an email to the hired candidate indicating that the last step of the hiring process is for them to apply to this position in your companies ATS.

Note: You can save the selection on if the candidate is always invited to the ATS or not in your JobCast Defaults

3) The hired candidate receives the email and applies to your ATS

The submitting Agency Recruiter will also be made aware that the candidate has been asked to apply to the ATS.

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