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How do I see the details of a hire I made?
How do I see the details of a hire I made?
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To see all the hire details for a JobCast, you can click on a JobCast then click on "Hires" in the left hand column.  This will display a list of the hires made for this JobCast.

Next to the candidate you hired, click the icon of a dollar bill.  This will give you access to the following information:

  • JobCast Name

  • Location

  • Hiring Cycle (length of time from introduction to hire)

  • Agency Name

  • Recruiter Name

  • Fee

  • Guaranteed Compensation

  • Start Date

  • Guarantee Date

To see all the placement details for one of your Preferred Agencies, navigate to their Agency Profile card (either through Global Search or the Agencies Page) and click on the "Fees" tab. Under "Recent Placements" you can click on "View Hire" to see the details for any placements made by that Preferred Agency. If your Preferred Agency has not made any placements, this section will be blank. 

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