Recruiters must go through an extensive application and vetting process prior to being allowed on the platform.  In addition to being scored on your feedback, they're also scored on factors that directly relate to the candidate experience.

Candidates anonymously rate the recruiters on their professionalism, knowledge of the job, and knowledge of the employer. Recruiters that receive anything below a 4 out of 5 rating from their candidates are personally reviewed by the RecruitiFi team, with the potential of being coached for improvement or removed from platform entirely.  This ensures that our community will maintain a high standard for your employment brand and candidate experience.

Remember, that the recruiters only control one part of the candidate experience. The speed at which your internal team replies to their application, and the level of detail you provide in the feedback will greatly influence the candidate's opinions of your hiring process. No candidate likes to be left in the dark, which is why we provide regular notifications for new submissions and require candidate feedback with each further evaluation.

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