As an employer on RecruitiFi you have access to a number of reports. One of the most useful reports for keeping track of your open positions is the Open JobCast Details table which can be found in the Hiring Team dashboard if you are a Team Administrator and the My JobCasts dashboard if you are a Seat Holder. 

Within the 'Open JobCast Details' table you find the column: (#) JC Issues column, which identifies all of the JobCast issues for each JobCast and the actions we suggest you take to resolve them. 

The JobCast issues RecruitiFi makes you aware of through this report include:

  1. Add RecruitiFi Community

  2. Requires Attention (#) days ago

  3. Unanswered JobCast Questions asked (#) days ago

  4. Last update (#) days ago

  5. Locked (#) days ago

  6. No submissions in (#) days

If you would like to know more about any of these JobCast issues or you are looking for instructions on how to take the suggested actions you can find a detailed explanation of each below.

Add RecruitiFi Community

It's always beneficial to invite the RecruitiFi Community to your JobCasts. 

To add the RecruitiFi Community to a JobCast follow the instructions for adding agencies.  

Including the RecruitiFi Community in your Expert Selection provides you with the best opportunity for savings on top of improving your chances of filling the role.

Requires Attention (#) days ago

JobCasts are automatically locked by RecruitiFi if one or more candidates remain in the New stage for at least 7 days. 

To resolve this issue have the JobCast Owner sort all of the candidates out of the New stage. Once zero candidates remain in the New stage the JobCast will automatically be unlocked by RecruitiFi.

When a JobCast is automatically locked it can lower the number of candidates you receive, and adversely affect your Employer Rating.

Unanswered Q&As asked (#) days ago

You are made aware of this issue if a JobCast has 3 or more unanswered JobCast Questions, the "(#) days ago" indicates how long it has been since the oldest unanswered JobCast Question was asked.

To resolve this issue answer these questions.

Last update (#) days ago

You are made aware of this issue when a JobCast has active candidates and updates haven't been provided on any of them for at least 10 days. 

To "Update Candidates" simply send an Agency Chat and/or move each candidate to the appropriate stage. 

It is important to remember that this is a two-sided marketplace and the main way your candidates and their agencies stay informed about where they are in your hiring process is through the updates you provide on RecruitiFi, via the Agency Chat and/or candidate stage updates. 

Updating candidates in a timely manner and making sure candidates don't go without an update for weeks at a time will help improve your Candidate Experience and Responsiveness ratings which can ultimately lead to the RecruitiFi Community being more engaged on your JobCasts.

Yielded (#) days ago

You are notified of this issue if a JobCast has candidates in process and has been locked with the same lock reason for at least 14 days without any updates being provided on those candidates during that time period. 

When you see this issue you will want to make sure that the JobCast's current lock reason is up to date. 

No submissions in (#) days

This issue appears if a JobCast has not received new candidates for 10 days and is not currently locked.

There are many reasons why an open JobCast might not receive submissions for this period of time, ranging from the salary range being below market average to the position being located in a difficult location. 

However, there are steps you can take on RecruitiFi to rectify this issue.

Make an Announcement - At any point during your search you can make an Announcement to the recruiters working on your JobCast. In the case where you want to increase engagement (i.e. need more candidates) we recommend sending an announcement to that effect, as well as, asking for feedback on the JobCast's details.

E.g. This role is still a top priority, please submit any candidate as soon as possible and if you have any questions about the JobCast's details please reach out via the Community Q&A section of this JobCast.

Review JobCast Details - If you come to find out that the reason your JobCast isn't receiving a lot of submissions is because of the salary range or the relocation package you are offering you can update those aspects of the JobCast by editing the JobCast. We recommend making a corresponding announcement to notify the recruiters working on the JobCast if changes such as these are made.

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