Rates By Country

The standard default rate across the globe is 10%.  However some countries have their own unique rate based on the market rate in that country, the supply of agencies on the platform, and the demand for hiring in that location. The following rates are based on the country where the job is located, NOT the country where the agency is located.

• Australia - 17%
• Canada - 10%
• China - 20%
• Hong Kong - 18%
• India - 11%
• Japan - 28%
• New Zealand - 14%
• Singapore - 18%
• South Korea - 18%
• United Kingdom - 18%


Additional Questions

For some additional information about how to get started with RecruitiFi, please read this article.

If you still have questions, or your country is not listed above, you can always click on the blue chat bubble in the bottom righthand corner.  This will allow you to search our help videos and speak to a customer service representative from RecruitiFi.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to seeing you on the platform!

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