As you submit your candidates and the employer reviews them, they will be marked with different statuses or stages to denote where they are in the process. Here's what each of those stages means:

Your candidate has been submitted but has not confirmed their application via the automated email sent by RecruitiFi.

Note: When candidates are unconfirmed, you may resend the confirmation email once by selecting the ‘Send Reminder’ option.

Your candidate has declined their application, and will not be presented to the employer.

Your candidate has confirmed their submission but was deemed unqualified by RecruitiFi. This candidate will not be presented to the employer.

Awaiting Sort
Your candidate is presented to the employer and is waiting to be reviewed for the first time. Here, the employer is making a decision solely on the 'must-haves' written by you.

Your candidate has been deemed qualified, and the employer is now conducting a full screen of the candidate. This may include a phone screen or skills assessment, depending on the company.

Early Interviews
Once a decision has been made to conduct an in-depth interview, candidates are advanced to the ‘Early Interviews’ stage. “Early Interviews” may take the form of a skills test, a Skype interview, a face-to-face, or any other assessment that fits within the organization’s process.

Late Interviews
Candidates in ‘Late Interviews’ are “finalists” for the position, with each being seriously considered to receive an offer. Again while this stage may represent one or multiple interviews, it is imperative that all ‘Late Interview’ candidates have the attention of the ultimate decision makers.

The ultimate goal! Candidates that are “Hired” have completed all stages of the hiring process (e.g. a background check, signed the offer, start date set).

Rejected” candidates have been reviewed by the employer and are no longer being considered for the JobCast they were submitted to.

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