From time to time, we understand that you will have more than 4 qualified candidates to submit to a JobCast. For this reason, we reward you with an additional submission slot for each candidate that is advanced deeper into the hiring process by the employer.

Here's how it works:

If you submit a candidate that is advanced to "Early Interviews" or beyond, a spot will become available for you to submit an additional candidate.

However, if you submitted a candidate who is "Rejected," is "Withdrawn by Curation," does not make it past "Screening," or they remain "Unconfirmed," meaning they did not complete the candidate confirmation process, you will lose that submission slot.

EXAMPLE: if you submit 2 "Rejected" candidates, and 1 "Unconfirmed" candidate, and 1 candidate who's moved into "Early Interviews," then you will be able to submit a 5th candidate.

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