After you make a placement, you will be awarded a fee when RecruitiFi collects from the client and the 60 day guarantee period is satisfied. All fees due to recruiters are transferred electronically.

You can update your payment information by selecting “Payouts” while logged into your account. (see below)

What is the method of payment?

The only method of payment RecruitiFi supports for US-based recruiters is ACH bank transfer.

Prior to processing your first transaction, our payment processors (Chase and Stripe) require some information about your bank account (checking or savings), some tax ID information, and some information from an individual representative of your company.

Click here to learn more about why our payment processors require information from a company representative.

Where do I send the invoice?

RecruitiFi is a fully automated platform, and all payments to your agency are paid electronically according to our Terms of Service. As such, it is not necessary to send invoices to RecruitiFi in order to get paid for your placement.

If your company requires invoices to be created for internal record keeping, there is no need to send it to us. A live record of fees and payments is maintained and viewable through the RecruitiFi platform.

How are International recruiters paid?

If you are an international recruiter and would like to learn about how payments work click here.

I’m having trouble putting in my payment information.

If you are having any issues please reach out to

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