Legacy agencies are automatically onboarded.  You only need to provide us the their name, firm, email, phone, and current % fee.

When you activate your RecruitiFi account all your Legacy agencies get a series of sequential emails, compelling them to join the platform to see your JobCasts, submit candidates, and get paid.  These emails are from you, but auto generated from the platform.  This process is well developed and completely effective.

A few of the initial emails include your JobCasts to further entice them to join the platform.  When the Legacy agency joins they indicate their “skills."  Thereafter, you can filter and select Legacy agencies based on these “skills.”

The final sequenced email encourages them to join now at a Legacy fee, or join later, at a flat solicitor fee, through your career page solicitation link.

This process is has proven to be very fast and virtually 100% effective.  You do not need to contact your Legacy agencies (and actually best if you don’t), and you do not need renegotiate or cancel your Legacies agencies prior paper contracts.

As soon as they join our platform, all agencies accept our single set of online terms, which they concurrently consent supersede any prior paper contract they had with you.

You still work with your agencies, online or offline as you choose, on critical matters of recruiting and hiring.  However, they are upon activation they are our sub-vendor, they are governed by our terms, and all billing and payments are handled by us.

This process enables you to swiftly and effortlessly consolidate all agency vendors and gain control and visibility.

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