A Smart Vendor Management System (SVMS) is a new category of hiring software that allows you to build an expert recruiting community in a scalable, strategic, and automated manner. Use the SVMS to manage your existing vendors, vet new agencies, and expand your reach into new pools of talent through RecruitiFi's Expert Community of agencies.

With a standard Vendor Management System (VMS), users still have to manage vendors themselves by determining which are performing up to expectations and which are not. This can be a time-consuming process that cuts into productivity and time-to-hire.

Conversely, RecruitiFi's SVMS scores each recruiter for you, giving your requisitions only to those who have been proven to deliver quality results. Our algorithm learns which recruiters are suited for your needs, and which are not relevant to you.

A SVMS saves you the time and hassle that come with using a VMS, ultimately delivering you the perfect candidates from expert recruiters who understand your needs.  Most significantly, the RecruitiFi SVMS augments your existing vendors with RecruitiFi's Expert Community—ensuring that you are able to tap into all available talent pools.

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