Awaiting Sort

Candidates have confirmed interest in your JobCast, and are waiting to be evaluated by a member of your team. Here, the submitting recruiter will highlight the qualifications of the candidate as they relate to your predetermined "must-haves." You will also have access to an inline view of their resume, so you can determine if you want to view the entire profile. 

Pro tip: Quickly reviewing new candidates as they arrive will help you maintain a good reputation.

Screening (digital review)

Once you've determined that the candidate meets the basic "must-haves," you can move them to "Screening" to see their full name, contact info, expected salary, and responses to the screening questions. Candidates in this stage are being reviewed digitally for basic qualifications. 

Pro tip: In the screening stage, the chat tab becomes available for you to use to chat with the candidate's recruiter.

Early Interviews (phone calls)

Once a decision has been made to conduct a phone screen or phone interview, the candidate should be advanced to the "Early Interviews" stage. Early interviews may take the form of a skills test, a Skype interview, or any other assessment that fits with your organization’s process.

Pro tip: If you conduct multiple phone screens, say a cultural screening followed by a more technical screening, you can indicate this progression as a "Note" without advancing the candidate to Late Interviews.

Late Interviews (on-site interviews)

Candidates in "Late Interviews" are finalists for the position, with each being seriously considered on-site. Again while this stage may represent one or multiple interviews, it is imperative that all "Late Interview" candidates have the attention of the ultimate decision makers. This stage also includes background checks and outstanding offers.


Candidates that are hired have completed all stages of the hiring process (e.g. a background check, signed offer, start date set).


Rejected candidates are no longer being considered for this or any other position at the organization.

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