This will move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process. When advancing a candidate, you will be required to add feedback as to why. You should use this as an opportunity to alert the submitting recruiter about any upcoming interviews.


This action moves a candidate out of the hiring pipeline and can be done at any point in the process. Feedback is mandatory anytime a candidate is rejected, and it should include a detailed description of why the candidate is not being hired. This will allow the recruiter to improve their next submission and provide history to review later.

Pro Tip: Be descriptive with your feedback.  It may be true to say something like, "Better candidates in play," but this type of feedback doesn't help the recruiter to find more suitable candidates for their next submission. Try using specific feedback like, "Good background in Ruby on Rails, but needs more experience as an iOS developer," or "Candidate has more buy-side experience, while we're looking primarily at sell-side candidates."  This helps the community recalibrate the focus of their search and find the perfect candidate for your company.


You have the ability to chat with a candidate's recruiter on the "chat" tab, should you need more information or would like them to setup interviews for you.

If you need a candidates references or an updated resume you can request this right in the chat area, and the recruiter could provide this information by attaching a document.


This will report a hire to RecruitiFi, and prompt you for the candidate’s start date and salary.


Notes should be attached to candidates anytime there is an update that does not require a stage change. An example comment would be, “I called the candidate on 1/18 and left a message.” The text of a comment, along with the date, will be visible to both you and to the submitting recruiter. Commenting is available only after a candidate enters the Screening stage.

Undo (Restore a Rejected Candidate)

You will be able to restore a candidate out of the Rejected stage and back into your pipeline in the event that you are reconsidering the candidate’s application.

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