If you are an Admin, sometimes you need to the ability to view, edit, or transfer JobCasts that belong to a different team member.  Only Admins have this ability.

To do this, you'll want to log into your Dashboard. At the top of your JobCasts, you'll see a filter to change the Owner, as shown below. If you do not see the owner filter, you do not have Admin privileges, and will need to contact your team's Admin to give you the proper permissions.

Select your colleague from the dropdown menu, and you will be taken to their Dashboard, where you can take actions on their behalf.  If you need to review candidates, edit the job, or transfer ownership to another team member, you can do so here.

Note: Any actions you take are being taken on the live JobCast, so any edits or candidate movements made as the Admin will be there when your team member logs in to view their jobs.

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