RecruitiFi provides features for you to easily manage and monitor all of your agencies on a single platform, under a single set of terms.  

Through the platform, you can:

  1. Invite Legacy Agencies, who you have existing relationships with. You can customize their fees.
  2. Invite Soliciting Agencies, who reach out to your company, but you do not have a prior contract with. They will be available at the community fee.
  3. Monitor any agencies that are still waiting to join.
  4. Remind agencies who have not yet signed up by inviting them to work on specific jobs.

Heres how...
On your "Settings Gear," select "Agency Management."

Legacy Invitations

Legacy invites should be used for agencies that your company currently or previously had on contract. They will be invited to work at any predetermined fee that you choose.

Just click the Legacy Invitations tab and provide details about the agency to bring all your agency submissions onto a single platform, under a single set of terms.

You can also assign legacy vendors to any of your open roles at this point.

Please note: When a Legacy Agency makes a hire, your company will be charged the fee that you enter. The agency will receive that fee minus a 1% processing fee.

You can also monitor your legacy agencies, their contact info, current fee, and activity on the platform.  Remind any agencies on the Pending Invitation list, by resending the Legacy invitation, to join so they can start working on your JobCasts!

Finally, you can invite agencies—even those that have not signed up yet—to work on any JobCast. They will receive a reminder to join your legacy agencies and begin working on that role.

You can always add Legacy vendors to a JobCast after it has been sent. Here is the FAQ  on how to do that. Keep in mind that even if a an agency is 'Pending' they can be invited to work on a JobCast. Once they sign up the agency will automatically be added to the JobCast.

Soliciting Invitations

Solicitor invites should be used for agencies that call or email your company in an attempt to recruit for your roles.

These agencies can be directed by anyone at your company to the RecruitiFi platform from the link on your career page (if this is not yet set up, please contact us and we will assist).

Once they've been directed to this link, they fill out an application, we vet their agency, and approve them to work as part of the community.

Please note: When a Soliciting Agency makes a hire, your company will be charged the community rate of 14%. The agency will receive 10%.

While hiring managers and other people without accounts should send Soliciting Agencies to the career page, users with RecruitiFi accounts have an alternative.  Just input their emails on the Solicitor Invitations tab and RecruitiFi will handle the rest,

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