There are a few ways to communicate directly with agencies through the platform. 

The first is an 'announcement' that will update all agencies working on your JobCast at one time. This is best used when there is an update to the description, or you want to clarify details (e.g. Hiring manager is saying we need an MBA). You can create an announcement in your JobCast Actions. This is the best way to let agencies know about important information.

The second is a Q&A. Agencies can write questions about the JobCast, and you can answer them publicly or privately. Public replies, similar to announcements, update all agencies working on the job. Private replies go only to the agency who asked the question.

Finally, there are chat messages. When you are reviewing a candidate, you can chat directly with the agency who submitted that candidate. Once a candidate is moved from Awaiting Sort, the chat tab will be available when you are looking at a candidate.

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