You can quickly add new members of your talent acquisition team by clicking on the Settings Gear in top right-hand corner. This will reveal the dropdown, where you can select Team:

You can then view all active Teammates and all Pending Teammate Invitations. Clicking on the Invite Teammates button will take you to an area where you can invite teammates and designate roles.

When inviting new team members you will need their email and the role they will have.

What do the roles mean?

Can create JobCasts, view individual reports, sort candidates, mark hires, and invite agencies.

Has all Seat Holder permissions plus view organization-wide reports, invite teammates, and have the ability to log-in as other users

It's important to note is that if you are “Seat Holder” than you can only invite additional “Seat Holders”. If you are a “Team Admin” you will able to invite “Team Admin's” and seat holders.

Once you send the invite(s) your teammate will receive an email (as shown below) from that will ask them to complete their account.

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