In all fairness, we do believe in having a diverse recruiting strategy that blends referrals, promotions, a well-developed careers page, and maintaining an in-house sourcing team.

However, there comes a point where your referrals are exhausted, you're not getting quality inbound applicants, and your recruiting team is at capacity. Many times your only option is to use a recruiting agency.

But how do you know which ones are good? Do you have time to manage those relationships? What if your agency comes back empty handed? And if they do bring a solid candidate, are you prepared to pay a fee of 25-33% of the candidate's first-year salary?

RecruitiFi, on the other hand, provides a smooth and worry-free approach to recruiting. You're ensured that your company is working with top recruiters who are supplying candidates for similar roles in your industry and location. This focused segment of our network returns vetted, qualified, and interested candidates in a matter of days, unlike a single recruiting relationship that may take weeks or months to produce results. 

You can choose to communicate with the recruiters or directly with candidates, but neither can contact you until you've chosen to speak with them, so there are no wasted cycles of communication. Not to mention that RecruitiFi fees are up to 60% lower than the traditional agency fees, making RecruitiFi competitive with the most economical options on the overall cost of hire.

The best part? If you have preexisting relationships with vendors, you're able to bring them onto the platform and manage them simply and efficiently.

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