RecruitiFi is an Expert Referral System (ERS) that helps employers hire more efficiently than traditional methods.

Employers enter a job description into the system, through our unique JobCast intake process, and our advanced algorithm matches the JobCast with 

  1. The Legacy Vendors that your company has brought onto the system 
  2. The top-scoring agencies in the RecruitiFi community for that specific role, industry, experience level, and location.

In a matter of days, employers get a shortlist of pre-vetted, qualified and interested candidates from these expert recruiters. The employer advances candidates through their hiring process or rejects them, leaving feedback through the platform to streamline the communication process. Employers can choose to contact the recruiter or the candidate directly for follow-up interviews. 

This process happens quickly with introductions to the hired candidate typically coming in the first 7 days.

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