In order to request refunds through the RecruitiFi system, navigate to the Transactions page by clicking the link in the cog in the top right of your screen:

In the case that a candidate leaves prior to the RecruitiFi Guarantee Period being fulfilled, you may request a refund if you have already made payment by clicking the “Refund” button in the “Actions” column:

Enter the following information in the dialogue box that pops up:

  1. Why you are requesting the refund (guarantee failure, ownership issue, or other)
  2. Upload confirmation documentation (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .docx) that validates the guarantee failure or that the candidate had been internally sourced within the past 180 days (e.g. Separation Agreement, ATS screenshot or prior correspondence, etc.)
  3. Click submit and our team will process your refund request within 24 business hours.

Additionally, you can request refunds directly from the JobCast Dashboard by clicking on the '# Hires' button on JobCasts where you have hired candidates that are still within their guarantee period:

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