For Recruiters

There is NO FEE for recruiters to use the platform.

As a member of our expert community, RecruitiFi functions as a business development engine allowing you to focus on sourcing top talent.

Our goal is to provide you with volume and velocity, to place more candidates by consolidating communication cycles and streamlining the recruiting process.

For Employers

There is a one time $500 implementation fee that gives an employer access to the platform, access to our crowd of experts, advanced data reporting, and the ability to add their own Legacy Vendors under a consolidated communication platform with one streamlined agreement.

When you hire a candidate submitted by the RecruitiFi Expert Community, there is a 14% placement fee based on the candidate's first-year base salary. This fee is 40% lower than the average agency placement fee on the market!

Hires made through your Legacy Vendors can be set at the percentage of your choosing, of which RecruitiFi takes 1 point as an administration fee.

For more details, reach out to us directly.

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